Unidentified Flying Object



One of the innovative characteristics of this genre is the way in which iconic figures appear which are neither characteristic of traditional rug motifs (that is, non-figurative rugs, or at least those not within the familiar sub-categories of the “war rug” genre) nor are they icons which we recognise as part of the repertoire of armaments in other war rugs.

While it’s clear that there are certain figures and emblems which are morphing over time – such as those which are ambiguously both referencing a weapon or other armaments while at the same time a symbol which has its roots in ancient iconography. Often such ambiguities reinforce the theme of the fragile coexistence of Life and Death. Within the cartographic category, there are often spaces around the maps in which all kinds of motifs may be lodged. (And this map deserves a separate discussion of its various texts and calligraphic flourishes at a later point in time). But what is this UFO?


2 Responses to “Unidentified Flying Object”

  1. Kevin Says:


    Two cents worth.

    I would wager that this image is one of three things. Most likely, and I would bet on this one, a truncated vase or vase of flowers. Secondly a landmine, thirdly a rocket. I have done extensive research on landmines and this image does not look familiar. It could be a rocket or part of a rocket, but this is highly unlikely.


  2. Nigel Says:

    Ambiguity I’m sure plays a role in lots of these icons – your suggestions reinforce my own hunches – ambiguity would be a great strategy if you wanted to keep the deep content of a work secret only to insiders…

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