Digital Kalashnikov


In response to my Life and Death post, people have been asking me how do I know the figure in the deer’s stomach is (still) a Kalashnikov? Putting to one side the fact that Mr Kalashnikov’s invention may have resulted in more deaths than any other twentieth century artefact, and that its presence in war rugs acts as a grim reminder of its multiple meanings for different audiences, it remains one of those symbols, figures, or ciphers by which rug makers allow their images to morph from set of meanings to another. You might ask: how few pixels does it take to represent death? – here are some examples.






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  1. kevin Says:

    This is a beautiful rug. The overall design is soothing, and the muted colors are beautiful. What do you reckon the date says? 1371 maybe? Is that a dragonfly with the red and yellow wings and blue body? Very nice!

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