Feedback on my translation of the date in a rug


A most welcome comment on this post has just come in from the folks at, which causes me to reassess my interpretation of the rug shown below as a possible precursor…

Kevin and Rebecca read the date as 1349, not 1369, which would date this rug to 1991. My original comment and the illustration is here.

I’d welcome translations of any texts seen in these rugs, or challenges, if anyone thinks we’re wrong.


One Response to “Feedback on my translation of the date in a rug”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Cheers, Nigel!

    Actually, we have read the date as 1369, NOT as 1349. This puts the rug’s date at 1991.

    You have a remarkable site and all of us here love it. We are very excited to see The Gower Collection, as well.

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