A Prayer Rug



Graham Gower keeps sending amazing images!

A typical stylised war rug using military equipment to create an overall design. Measuring approximately 2ft. 10 inches x 4ft. 7 inches. Within the pattern and on a smaller scale can be seen representations of weaving combs and the tree of life. Attention has been given by the weaver to the detail seen on Russian military hardware. This item was produced as a prayer rug, and is probably of Aimaq Taimani origin, with a “head and shoulders” Mehrab. The pile shows some wear and the fringe is a little thinned, which are indicators of use over time, and thus this rug more than likely dates to the 1980s.


Nigel comments: while all war rugs are potentially “prayer rugs”, images like this which are designed with a traditional Mehrab format – which orientates the top of the rug towards Mecca – are in my experience uncommon.


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