Symbols of Victory



Graham Gower comments:

A large ‘Victory’ rug. The central panel shows the Victory Arch at Paghman, built following the British withdrawal in the early 1920s. This can be seen to the left of the large building, function uncertain. The text is purported to say ‘we beat the English, we beat the Russians’. The border design include the emblem later incorporated into the national flag. This rug shows wear and was probably woven and used for domestic use until finding its way to the export market. Dated to around 1990. Size 4ft. 7inches x 2ft. 8 inches.

See also Lebensbaum und Kalaschnikow, Rug 30 at page 91.

arug18a 1.jpg

arug18b 1.jpg

Nigel comments: congratulations Graham! Tracking the significance of the architectural details of this wonderfully detailed and elaborate rug is a great contribution to our knowledge. Anyone care to verify the translation of the inscription?


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