The Streets of Herat



Again, a Gower Collection contribution. Graham comments:

A town view showing cars and military vehicles driving down a tree lined street. A diagrammatic style of weaving. Note the armoured vehicle with a wheel missing, possibly indicating damage. The upside down cars probably mean they are travelling in the opposite direction! A rug with a clean and balanced design and most likely a product of one of the Peshawar refugee camps. Dated to the early 1990s. Size 2ft.7 inches x 5ft. 1 inch.

Nigel comments: when I have a moment, I’ll be posting a street scene of Herat (identified by its inscription) which appears to show the same row of buildings, and again, a busy street scene. But this one has the brighter colours (could they be any brighter? one asks…)

arug16c 1.jpg


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  1. Barry O’Connell Says:

    Weave and materials are crucial in attribution but on the iconography I would not attribute this one to Pakistan camps. The current Governor, Ismail Khan started the Russian war. This design refers to the start of the war in Herat.

    As a N.B. the war started with the revolt in Heart when Afghan Army Captain Ismail Khan decided to start killing Russians. It was quickly followed by the seizure of an Armory in Nouristan.
    Best wishes,
    Barry O’Connell

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