Graham Gower Collection





Graham says:

This war rug is centred around a town scene with a garden view to the bottom left hand corner. In the garden can be seen animals, plants and a large vase, or possibly a washing vessel. Over the garden wall can be seen a military convoy moving through the streets with helicopters patrolling above.

In this rug the weaver is showing the reality of the war in Afghanistan with the presence of the military in the towns and the associated disturbance they brought. This is symbolically shown by the fleeing horses in the convoy.

The field of the rug is bordered with an interesting use of the boteh motifs. The wool used in this rug is of high quality, a soft thick pile with a pleasant sheen. The rug is finished with a long fringe. Size 3ft. x 5ft. 8 inches.

Nigel comments: the horses are a fantastically dynamic motif – and I think Graham is correct in reading this as symbolic of everyday life being swept aside by the arrival of the apparatus of war. Often natural forms and militaria stare at each other in a remarkably uncanny and resilient way…


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