Frembgen and Mohm: funnel-shaped object


Thanks to Gilbert Riedelbauch who sends in a translation of the text accompanying plate 18 in Frembgen and Mohm: this relates most closely to this image from Graham Gower:

Structure of elements and motifs:This exceptional piece in regards to its colour, composition and detail, seems to be conceived by a designer. In the upper part of this carpet, its vertical format is visually closed through a ‘multi-bend’ bow. In the lower part of the image is an difficult to identify funnel shaped object.

In its blue background are several scripts (eg one can read: safed koh – Afghanistan and siah koh – Afghanistan – >Whiteblack mountains – Afghanistan< ) and the image of an armoured vehicle [light tank]. In regards to the scripts it has to be noted that Safed Koh is the name of a mountain range in the Nangarhar province in east Afghanistan, which is a region of strategic significance for the militant resistance [movement]. From there the Mujahideen conduced many operations into the plain of Dschalalabad (?Jahalabad). Siah Koh on the other hand has to be seen as just a fictional pendant.

On the left and right grows from almost symmetrically formed funnel shaped object a live-tree[?] carrying fruits (Granatapfel) and leaves in many different shapes. In the centre of the image is a tschar mil, a multi-rocket launcher with relevant armatures, it appears to be in combat position, a mounted securely on a funnel shaped rock.

On each side heavy weaponry (anti-tank weapon and machine guns are) dug into the ground. The remaining voids are filled with hand-grenades, bombs, rockets (muschak), scripts etc. On some of the hand-grenades the charge and the ribbed steel-coating is depicted.

In the circumscribing picture border shows [military] vehicles with driven by chains and wheels [tanks and trucks] (with by-lines, some in Cyrillic lettering) some carrying weapons. Even the smallest element has been executed with a remarkable attention to detail. Meaning: Two life-trees flank the depiction of real war objects. Compare: Böhning 1993:Nr. 51.

Origin: West Afghanistan, possibly knotted in Herat.

Dimensions: 133 x 83 cm

The “funnel shaped object” is the mystery “peaked mehrab” I’ve asked about in several posts below, including here and here. Surely this is cartographic depiction of some particular territory? Here’s a detail of the Gower version, turned upside down for comparison…



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