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What do you pray for…

September 11, 2004

…when your world is dominated by war?


In my experience of war rugs those with the structure of prayer rugs (that is, with their pictorial structure/prayer orientation determined by a mehrab) are the least common category. This is not to say that any war rug may also be used in prayer – and the evidence of observers like the Australian artist George Gittoes supports this argument – however the particularity of a war rug made to be used in prayer is distinctive.

And the detail suggests B52s in the sky above.


See also the following image (discussed further in this post) – which is both prayer rug and cityscape, with UN planes in the sky.


I’d appreciate seeing other prayer rugs in contributors’ collections to add to our knowledge of this subcategory.

Helicopters come in all shapes and sizes

September 11, 2004


While this is a bit of a side issue, I’d like to work up an inventory of particular motifs – like helicopters – to see how they’ve morphed over time. I have another war rug (which I’ll post when I relocate it) which can describe a helicopter down to about 24 pixels… contributions welcome!!!

New reference to Rugs of War

September 8, 2004

A new review of the Rugs of War exhibition has been published in Vital Signs, the journal of State Records NSW.