Jihad against the Soviets


Here are the details of the text on the image below – the translation (in italics) is by Hossein Valamanesh.

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This is a combination of a number of words but the main word in the middle could be Jihad but with an extra line in the middle I do not know what that is – could be decorative.

Sabur Fahiz contributes a further translation: either side of the flaming hand are to be read the names of the Socialist factions: “Parcham”, and “Khalkh”. But as well, he suggests that the flaming hand of the Soviets is also a reference to another faction: “Shollah” or “the flame” which was also the name of another faction, rendered extinct in the internecine warfare within the Socialist bloc.

– An earlier example of this carpet can be seen at Plate 35 in Frembgen and Mohm.


On the right the word is people – on the left, flag.

– What’s striking about this image is the device of layering or transparency – the shower of (what is it? another hammer and sickle?), the geometrical symbol, and the text overlaid in a kind of matrix above the Jihad tag. The image of the hand descending from the space of the Soviet Union, with hammer and sickle above, is usually holding/manipulating the figure of Najibullah, but there are other examples of the hand raining down over the map of Afghanistan.


This is a difficult one – on the left the first word says price of or price, and continuing that it is not clear. It could be the word mistake or hard work.


On the left, land or land of. On the right, Afghanistan.


I think it may be imitating a Russian or English word.

In the full image of the carpet, surrounding Afghanistan clockwise from the top are the names of surrounding countries – Turkomanstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, and on the left Iran.

One Response to “Jihad against the Soviets”

  1. sabur fahiz Says:

    panj =five
    kaldar = afghan name for pakistani rupee ,may be the price of something is five Kaldar(rupees) ?

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