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Two variations on the Khyber Pass

March 18, 2005


Two variations (above and below) of a highly abstracted map of Afghanistan, both with bilaterally symmetrical representations (apparently, subject to confirmation of the text) of the roadway through the Khyber Pass.

These two are variations to the rug illustrated in Guidieri and Aubry p56 – however now that we have the text, we can better understand the subject matter and design. However that doesn’t explain why we find PEPSI upside down on the tanks!!! I assume this is a random transposition of what is to the weavers alien text…

Those who can translate, please check the texts below, and comment. My first informant’s best translation reads something like “monument on the highway passing through the Khyber at Tourknham”. Another Farsi-speaking reader suggests the text may also be read as beginning with “remembering/a view of/ a scene showing…”. There’s the difficulty – the weavers’ translation of a text into a non-literate pattern leads to such ambiguities.




Walkie Talkie

March 18, 2005

From the Khyber Pass image above!