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First Generation War Rug

April 8, 2005


Here is a wonderful early example of the War Rug genre collected by Luca Brancati in the mid-eighties, 165cm square. Luca’s detailed description of its attributes are as follows:

From the top (fringes):
1) kilimbaft – S motif
2) sumak – line and stars
3) kilimbaft – S
4) sumak – Z motif
5) relief (pile on nude structure)
6) sumak – vine S
7) kilim – barber pole
8) pile – 4balls (???)
9) kilim – reciprocal
10) pile – with salt&pepper technique

(The sequence of frames is like a DNA trace – each layer is identifiable to a particular genre… tell me more).

Here’s a detail:


I find it interesting that the “salt and pepper” technique is evident in the mid-eighties – somehow I had the impression that it was a more recent invention…
Any comments on the techniques or attribution?

Another Khyber Pass war rug

April 8, 2005


Josephine Jasperse sends another example of this subject from the Netherlands – how tempting is it to imagine these three rugs side-by-side on the wall?