Writing the Constitution



Here’s an image of a new work full of interest – both in terms of its political content, its extensive texts, and the innovative use of the map as another kind of framing device for the narrative.


The texts (in Pashtu and Dari) have been translated to read: “Afghan Islamic Interim Government – people in the making of their constitution” and “The management of the handicraft province of Herat – the village of Faris Qairia” and the ‘solar calendar’ date 1483 (2004).


On the table is a kind of agenda, signalling the priorities for a national agenda: “national unity and peace, justice, law and the constitution, food and development” etc.


There are some text elements in the border, but maybe untranslatable?

And now Kevin Sudeith uncovers the source – this poster! The source was an American soldier in Paktika province in Afghanistan from last fall. And are any of the figures identifiable? See Kevin’s comment below…

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  1. Luca Brancati Says:

    Well done! When I began collecting in 1985 I were fascinating by those that were piece of history. Still are. I didn’t had the chance to translate all my rugs but now I amvery curious.

  2. Kevin Sudeith Says:

    This type of image comes from printed informational fliers or posters. This rug is an example of a rug image from a poster.

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