Helicopters in the sky, bullets below.


This is a beautiful early example of a similar rug to that reproduced in Frembgen and Mohm (2000, plate 27). In that publication the authors interpret the presence of armaments in the context of the representation of a mosque as the characterisation of a threat to the sanctity of the sacred space and religious core of Muslim society.

This rug came to Australia via Switzerland as the private property of an Afghan immigrant, and is now held by the Canberra rug gallery Oriental Bazaar directed by Sabur Fahiz.

In addition to the elegant motif of the mosque framed by helicopters, this rug includes a rare animated narrative element of a figure firing rounds from the gun mounted on a tank. This aspect relates quite strongly to the rug illustrated as plate 7 of The Rugs of War catalogue of our first exhibition, from the Laverty collection, in Sydney.

It is beautifully made, of fine materials, even though it shows signs of wear.

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