Three more variations on the Mosque at Herat


The text says “Herat Afghanistan”.

The same text appears in the lower register in this rug, but is to be read from above.

Below is an image of a similar rug Graham Gower has sent in from his collection. No aeroplanes, missiles, or explosions in the sky, but tanks on the street – and one with a wheel missing. None of the borders relate to each other in these four examples, which suggests none of them where made by the same hands.

And let’s not try to interpret the rules of the road in Herat from these images!


One Response to “Three more variations on the Mosque at Herat”

  1. mike Says:

    “Herat Afghanistan” is spelled backwards on your rug. It reads from left to right, instead of from right to left, as Farsi should be written. Sorry if you already explained this in another section, I have only read this page.

    Thanks Michael – mirror imaging is a common phenomenon due to rugs being copied pixel by pixel from the back of another rug – hence common reversals of asymmetrical figures and texts – Nigel

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