More from the Jasperse Collection


Every time Josephine contributes a work from her collection we have to revise the boundaries of our categories. (A similar thing occurs at the moment at the front page of Kevin’s site).

Here Josephine sends a remarkable mixed-category image.

It is part landscape (in the upper register), part-map with text (in English and Farsi), part-cityscape (within the map), plus a beautiful idyllic scene with peacocks beside a stream (complete with fish) in the lower register. It also has a mosque-pattern border. In another sense it can be read as a landscape foreground with a cityscape and distant horizon in the background, with the map and its vignetted image montaged over the middle ground. The shame with many of these is that we will never know the designer/maker’s intentions…

Its near-monochrome blue-grey-brown colour appears to be similar to the mosque image we showed a few weeks ago. We will ask Josephine to tell us more about the colour and quality of the rug and post her reply…

See details below…

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