Luca Brancati poster from 1988


Tim has just returned from a day spent with Luca’s fantastic collection in Turin. Apologies for the quality of this snap, but it seems too good an opportunity to miss. For those who haven’t read Tim’s historical essay in the catalogue to our first exhibition, Luca Brancati put together the earliest collection of war rugs in the mid-1980s, and exhibited them widely in Europe. The majority of his collection is still intact, and from Tim’s snaps it contains some extraordinary images, which will help us benchmark the first generation of this genre as our project proceeds.

What struck me, at first look, was the number of images that were asymmetrical. How is this so? From where did the motivation come to move to pictorialism, and in the process, away from the symmetry of classical “Baluch” precedents?

One Response to “Luca Brancati poster from 1988”

  1. Luca Brancati Says:

    Only today I had the news about the following exhibition in Florence ( ). Is ended now, but the print catalogue is on sell and downloadable. Is in italian. At a very first sight the attribution are misleading. I will post a review.

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