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Wearing Propaganda

February 2, 2006

Coincidentally, a colleague just showed me a review in the Jan/Feb 2006 FiberArts an exhibition and book/catalogue “Wearing Propaganda“, Yale University Press, 2005, curated/edited by Jacqueline M. Atkins. The full title of the exhibition was “Wearing Propaganda: Textiles on the Home Front in Japan, Britain and the United States 1931-1945” at New York City’s Bard Graduate Centre for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design and Culture, Nov 18-Feb 5th. So if you’re in New York you just have time to catch it.

Cross-cultural reference

February 2, 2006

Max Allen does not rest. Here he takes us to another tradition via a post on Tribal Textiles Info. This is a Kalambi made by the Iban of Borneo, and the details of its discovery are recorded at the original site. Close observation shows men in military uniform, and are those green and yellow aeroplanes at left and right of the central form – a plane with propellor, figures on the wings, and flags?