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Portrait 2: Lenin

March 30, 2006

This arrived today on the new website launched by Vugar R. Dadash at Azerbaijan Rugs:



Jack Lee

March 29, 2006

Luca Brancati and I are both searching for a copy of Afghan War Rugs and other pictorial pieces, a booklet accompanying an exhibition of War Rugs in London 2001. Published by Jack Lee, Eden Rugs. Does any reader have a lead to a source of this publication, or a contact for Jack Lee?

Portrait Rugs: Nur Mohammed Taraki

March 28, 2006

With this image (with due recognition for the contributions of our unpaid researcher par excellence Max Allen) we begin a series of portrait rugs. From the Max Allen collection:


Some information about the subject:

Nur Mohammed Taraki was the leader of the communist coup on 1978 which preceded the Soviet occupation of the following year. In April 1978, leftist military officers overthrew and killed Daoud. PDPA leader Noor Muhammad Taraki became President of the new Republic on 27 April and proclaimed the nation “socialist”. He was deposed and executed September 1979.

Moroccan War Rug

March 27, 2006

Luca Brancati has unearthed this fascinating reference to a “war rug” from Morocco (“seen in Rabat”) in a letter to ORR VII/6? Can anyone read the text – the text in the rug, that is?