Portrait Rugs: Nur Mohammed Taraki


With this image (with due recognition for the contributions of our unpaid researcher par excellence Max Allen) we begin a series of portrait rugs. From the Max Allen collection:


Some information about the subject:

Nur Mohammed Taraki was the leader of the communist coup on 1978 which preceded the Soviet occupation of the following year. In April 1978, leftist military officers overthrew and killed Daoud. PDPA leader Noor Muhammad Taraki became President of the new Republic on 27 April and proclaimed the nation “socialist”. He was deposed and executed September 1979.

One Response to “Portrait Rugs: Nur Mohammed Taraki”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to know who financed those who overthrew this socialist government and why. Its proven they have received extensive financial supplies. The irony is that both the taraki and the Amin government are modern leftist or socialist governments, with views comparable with that
    of any western state. what provoked this heavy asympathy?

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