War rugs are also in Karabakh


I can’t illustrate this post, but last night on SBS television I watched the last program in a BBC series hosted by Simon Reeve “Holidays in Places that don’t exist”. It’s the program that Graham Gower had written to us about here.

The story was located in the breakaway province of Nagorno Karabakh (Artzak), between Azerbaijan and Armenia. On a visit to a carpet shop where Reeve was looking for a wedding present a war rug is discussed in terms of familiar war rug icons, plus (significantly) a text promoting the independence movement. The transcript reads as follows:

David (Simon Reeve’s guide)
“…it’s very common to depict, you know, symbols of Karabakh on carpets.

Simon Reeve
Some carpets serve as reminders of the war (?) That is a rocket propelled grenade I think. A machine gun over here. Tank here, anti-aircraft guns here. Another tank here. What does it say here?

This say that you have to be powerful to have rights.

The full transcript is here.

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