Is this a Sydney Harbour Bridge “war rug”?



Previous posts have speculated about the subject matter of these mystery bridge war rugs. This example is the closest we’ve yet seen to fitting the actual appearance of the “coathanger”, as it’s known locally. It is large, of floppy construction, and appears to use contemporary synthetic dyes – see for example the cerulean blue sky. Like the others, there are elements of flat weave, and generous borders, suggesting a common origin. If we follow the conventional wisdom that images are more abstracted through the process of copying, perhaps this is the earliest of the three? Can any readers shed light on the origin of this image? See details below, and photographs, to see why we find this attribution so persuasive…



bridge detail.jpg


Wikipedia points out there are two other similar bridges: the Hell’s Gate Bridge in New York and the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle upon Tyne. With the former, the pylon structures are more castellated, with the latter, it’s a possibility. However, all the peripheral details, cut-and-pasted into a new topography, look more like Sydney to me…

Is it a “war rug”? In my view a helicopter over Sydney Harbour is not sufficient. But look at the framing device. Like the Map of Europe at the bottom of this post, for this designer/maker, the world is framed by armaments…



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