Another cityscape – with a text cloud overhead



Here’s another rug depicting an exotic city – modernised, sky-scrapered, idealised… Who knows what such images must mean to the makers of such rugs? Who knows who is the designer, whose sense of the demands of the marketplace drives such productions? While this is not a “war rug” by our normal measure – the presence of weapons and armaments of various kinds – what are we to make of the ominous black cloud in the sky? While the letters which make up this text are mainly derived from alien alphabets, there are also graphic forms that we don’t recognise.


When you rotate your point of view, looking at the cloud from its base (the direction from which it was built) you will see that some of the lines are symmetrical, others almost so.


This relates to some previous discussions, in which “mistakes” occur through the inversions of texts and images… It would be interesting to see whether there are other examples out there where abstractions of “text” are used as visual motifs with perhaps other symbolic connotations…

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