World Map Afghan Rug


Many war rugs feature maps – the full list of our posts on the topic can be found in the Maps in War Rugs category. In general the maps are of Afghanistan, and they often feature the departing Soviet armies. However other maps are also seen from time to time, including this map of Europe rug included in our post about war rugs that feature bridges. Recently we’ve noticed this map of the world rug with a similar border of flags at The Rug Loft ebay store:

World Map Afghan Rug from The Rug Loft

While the rug doesn’t demonstrate features that would classify it as a war rug, it does present a map image which is schematic rather than topographical. Like some others of this kind (there’s one in Frembgen and Mohm) the countries of the world are signified by text within a geographic pattern. This one is larger than normal – it measures 6 ft by 9 ft (180 cm by 270 cm) and is described as follows:

Handmade Afghan War Rug with an approximate knot count of 98. Woven with a fine wool pile on a wool foundation. This rug is between 2 – 4 yrs old and is in excellent condition for its age. A rug of this size would take a single weaver nearly 3 months to 6 months to make by hand.

Many thanks to Mike from The Rug Loft for permission to use the image of the rug.

2 Responses to “World Map Afghan Rug”

  1. Acas Services srl Says:

    Hallo, this is Acas Services, an Italian company that collaborates with Mr. Mascelloni, a critic of art, who is writing a book about rugs of war in the central Asia. In order to help his study, we ask you if it is still possible to
    buy this rug, how much it costs and if we can have an high definition photo to insert this rug in Mr. Mascelloni’s book.
    We wait for your answer.
    Thank you very much

    Kindest regards

  2. Nigel Lendon Says:

    If you read the post carefully, you will see that it was owned by the Rug Loft, in New York, and there is a link. Rugsofwar is not a commercial site, so I have no idea how much they are asking for the carpet, if indeed it is still for sale – the post was a year ago…

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