Visit to Babak’s Oriental Carpets in Victoria, British Columbia


In the first of his travelling posts, Nigel Lendon visits carpet merchant Babak Rezwani, in Victoria, British Columbia:

Nigel and Babak

Babak has a great collection sourced from the Iran/Afghanistan border region. The pictured rug, however, is from further west. The representation of four soldiers in a field of long-horn sheep extends our understanding of both the figurative tradition, and references to militarism in the social life of such peoples.


The rug is attributed as Qashqai, the product of the Turkic-speaking now largely settled or semi-settled people of the Shiraz region in the south west of Iran.

The wikipedia article on the Qashqai states they:

… are renowned for their magnificent pile carpets and other woven wool products. The wool produced in the mountains and valleys near Shiraz is exceptionally soft and beautiful and takes a deeper color than wool from other parts of Iran. Qashqai saddlebags, adorned with colorful geometric designs, are considered to be the finest available.

The article also features this wonderful image of three Qashqai women weaving on a horizontal loom (wikipedia allows use of the image):

Wikipedia image of Qashqai weavers

There is more information about the Qashqai (and more fantastic photographs) here.

Babak’s business does not use a web page, but you can email Babak at babaksorientalcarpets at hotmail dot com, omitting the spaces and replacing “at” with “@” and “dot” with “.” – this syntax is to stop the address being harvested by spammers.


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