Rug Discoveries in San Francisco


Below is an image of Dr John L. Sommer in the kitchen at the residence of Pat Markovich in Piedmont, San Franciso, amongst a myriad of war rugs which adorn every available surface, and more.

Dr Sommer

Ms Markovich has some really distinctive rugs, the like of which we haven’t seen before. The rug on the wall behind Dr Sommer is a flatweave structure, and is reproduced in full in Emmett Eiland’s book Oriental Rugs Today: A Guide to the Best New Carpets from the East (2003, Berkeley Hills Books, Berkely; 2nd edition, p 158):

Rug of Pat Markovich

Photograph by David Holbrook Young.

It is captioned:

“This unusual war rug is flat-woven. In it, traditional rug design (the vase and flowers in the centre) is mixed with modern machines of warfare (helicopters and automatic rifles) and archaic fighters (sworkdsmen on horses. While many variations of the other three war rugs are to be found, this piece seems unique. Could it be a truly personal statement?”

Dr Sommer’s reputation as a patient, enthusiastic, and generous host is much appreciated. But meeting Pat Markovich (who wasn’t at home) will have to wait for the next visit.

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