Visiting the Naef Collection



This is Weston and Ella Naef at Pacific Palisades in LA at the start of a two day marathon inspecting and re-cataloguing Ella’s extensive collection of war rugs. Exciting work. The collection includes some magnificent larger rugs, plus some key early rugs collected by the English artist Graham Bacon in the mid-80s, which will help solve some of the mysteries of determining the dates for rugs from the 1980s. The earliest is a rug with the date 1984 embedded in it, acquired by Bacon in 1987. I’ll post it when the image becomes available.


3 Responses to “Visiting the Naef Collection”

  1. Desiree mejer Says:

    I bought two rugs from mr. Graham Bacon in london end 80s. He had a wonderful exhibition in Tobacco Docks I think it was called transitional art… He told me great stories about how they were made and how he got them. I was really young and had to save to buy them… Glad to see his name appearing here. Would like to contact him again. I have nice pictures.

    • Nigel Lendon Says:

      Dear Desiree Many thanks for the comment. I have tried but have not been able to find any contacts for Graham. I would very much like to see any pictures you have of your carpets. My email is iconophilia(at)

      • Desiree mejer Says:

        Mmhh…pity…! Very interesting guy…
        I mentioned your site to my friend mr.Tiziano Meglioranzi from Verona…and he seems to know you…
        Small world.
        Will send you pics when I find them…. Cheers

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