More on Helicopters…


New images have been added to the post Modernising traditional motifs…, including this one, from the book Russia’s War in Afghanistan, by Isby D. and Volstand R., 1986:

Afghan Landscape with Hip

And some information on the Mi-8 Hip from the article Soviet Air Power: Tactics and Weapons Used in Afghanistan:

Whilst the Hind is the primary attack helicopter being used un Afghanistan, the Soviets have also made extensive use of the big multi-purpose Mi-8 Hip in several different capacities, [such as] to serve as the main troop carriers… The Hip has also been used for aerial mine-laying … [and] as a heavily armed attack helicopter to comlement the Hind. …

Has anyone found any other realistic helicopter images on war rugs which look like the Hip or the Hind? The Halo now seems less likely, as it apparently was deployed in Afghanistan later in the conflict, possibly after this rug was made…

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