A most complex iconography…



Here’s a war rug acquired recently by one of our readers which exhibits a very complex set of interactions between image elements – some of which derive from traditional forms, intersected with narrative passages which depict armed conflict.


Some of the mixage of imagery, through different scales in each
register, is really challenging to our “Western” sense of perspective.


We’ve seen animals within animals many times…


…but certainly never a snake emerging from the ammunition
belt of a heavy machine gun…


One Response to “A most complex iconography…”

  1. Graham Gower Says:

    There is no reason to assume that every complex rug design should have some meaning beyond the visual design. This rug design could simply be the work of an imaginative weaver, or one showing off their skills, or simply a ‘weaving doodle’. Furthermore, there is always the possibility that such rug designs are presented to suite western tastes, and our visual expectations of what a war rug should look like! Nevertheless, it is a most interesting looking war rug.

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