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How the world looks…

April 29, 2007


from Josephine’s window in Groningen! And my little helpers, Dada and her daughter, Diva…


Another “ragged mehrab” with anti-aircraft cannon

April 29, 2007



And here’s the most highly abstracted example we’ve seen: but see also the other examples in the post below…


“Mystery” solved: call to prayer

April 20, 2007


This is not a “war rug”, but given our interest in contemporaneous innovation in Afghan carpets of other subjects, this caught our eye some time ago. In an earlier post, we speculated about the meaning of the cloud of text motif in this image. At 5.15am on my second morning in Istanbul, I awoke to the dawn call to prayer, and this image came to mind. Perhaps the seemingly random “texts” which fill the background of other rugs is explained by this example? If so, it’s an eloquent visual metaphor…

If we had audio, you could see what I’m hearing, over the Golden Horn…


Two collezionisti in Verona

April 17, 2007


Two gentlemen in Verona: Vittorio Bedini and Luca Brancati prepare for the experience of visiting the war rug collection of Sig.Tiziano Meglioranzi in Verona. Signor Bedini has just published a catalogue of his collection, (Tappeti di Guerra Afghani: Diario di un Collezionista, Mestre (VE), aprile 2007) and will prepare an exhibition in Milan later in the year.

More mysteries

April 14, 2007

Here is a set of images from three variations on a theme we’re still finding hard to interpret. Some elements are clear: the four-barrel anti-aircraft gun appears like the fingers of a hand in the bootom register. In the center is a tank. At the top is the form I call the “ragged mihrab” which also appears in different contexts in other rugs, discussed at length, with other examples, here. So, from the mihrab form, perhaps this rug can also be categorised as a prayer rug. Noteworthy also is the small element at the bottom right of the rug where an element penetrates the frame and intrudes into the border design. Can any readers shed further light on any of these mysteries?






1980 Afghan-Soviet war footage

April 4, 2007

This link to the first of three videos of the early resistance to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan is a grim foretaste of the imagery to be found in many war rugs.

Archival records of first European exhibition of “war rugs”

April 3, 2007

In Turin in March 1988 Luca Brancati curated the first exhibition of war rugs in Europe. Thanks Luca for providing links and footage of this event.