more about war rug dates



Here’s the map of Afghanistan war rug referenced in earlier discussions. Thanks to Enrico for allowing us to publish it. It’s plate 55 in his catalogue and the date attributed by Enrico is 1960s/70s, following his argument in the comments below. It was purchased by Enrico in 2006 in Mazar-i-Sharif. The date woven in the rug is 1368/1989 (or 1990) and (thanks to Maryam Rashidi) the text in Farsi reads “made by Afghan immigrants, Islamic Republic of Iran”. The Islamic Republic of Iran was founded in 1979. So by our reasoning it was made some time between 1979 and 2005. The devil is in the detail…



One Response to “more about war rug dates”

  1. enrico mascelloni Says:

    not devils, Nigel, but just some strange angel…of course I knew perfectly the writing and If I didn’t comment it (and any other one in the book) is because in afghan modernist carpets they are often less then opinions. If you buy a dated carpet, the dealer could propose you to change the date. Anyway the date in the label which introduce my text is just a reference on the world carpets (and I agree with you it could provoke some misanderstanding). But I hope the english translation of my text isn’t a opinion: “the 1368 dating (the hejira therefore 1990) could indicate the replication of a prewar piece during a hopeful year: which sees the soviets withdraw and united Mujihadin becoming the country’s new leaders”. Some lines before: “this rapresentation of the country encircled by the most important monuments (especially the Budda’s of Bamiyan) is a tipology from the 60’s and 70’s recently revived in the hope of also restoring a once abundant tourism industry”. So I wrote the carpet hasn’t been made in the 60’s-70’s, even though problematising a problematic field. Probably the rug is of the 90’s; may be it’s late, but it’s possible (and more then possible) the writing “made by afghan immigrants, Islamic Republic of Iran” is made to smuggle and sell the carpet to Mashad or alsewhere in Iran.

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