Trouble in Paradise


Book cover

Lee Allane publishes this useful guide, with a wonderful Ali Khojeh rug on the cover. It’s a kind of Garden of Eden image, complete with snake, but the author doesn’t seem to notice it’s also a War Rug, with Kalaschnikovs amongst those wonderful animals and their keepers. And what is the figure-within-a-figure over on the far right hand side?

3 Responses to “Trouble in Paradise”

  1. Luca Brancati Says:

    But what about the rug inside the book? Did the author realized that the rug is a new one? and what about it’s provenance? I will try to check if exist an italian version and if the cover is different.

  2. Nigel Lendon Says:

    I’ll post the scan of the full image, plus another, which the author does identify as a war rug. Rugs of this style were being produced in the late 80s. No provenance, but it’s now in the collection of an American TV star!!!

  3. Luca Brancati Says:

    Thanks Nigel! They looks like the type commonly known – at that time – as “Kabul Rug”: dry wool, crispy, low pile, sand palette.
    Those two are definitly (I think) from the end of the ’80 or very beginning of the’90 and, specially the second, seems to be a merge of a kind of “specular” design quite common in Sarkilimdar or, even better, rugs from Qal-i-now area. I don’t understand the two different provenance of the rugs: they looks the same!

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