Mr Omar’s doormat



Here’s the war rug we found in the shop of Mohammed Omar (that’s Mr. not Mullah) in Herat (see previous post). As you can see, it’s a cityscape/landscape, derived from the Salang Pass carpets of the second generation. It’s made of poor materials, wool on wool, loose weave, scraggy pile, and has had a hard life. And it needs to have a few more washes – any suggestions how to get rid of the animal odour?

3 Responses to “Mr Omar’s doormat”

  1. Luca Brancati Says:

    Are you shure that is wool on wool? it looks, more likely, wool on cotton. Washing afghan rugs is always a problem: first the colour run (you must test befor the stability of each colour) especially the reds because it has a white border! after that the best is to blow out all the dust from the inside, and than it must be washed and rinsed many times to take out as much as possible of the odour. If there is no problem with the colours you can leave the rug in small water every time for a while. Use clean water and pure soap, but just a little bit every wash. The last rinse must be very deep. A difficoult task!

  2. Zoe Bowman Says:

    You’ll need a trampoline to get that smell out, I think.

  3. Nigel Lendon Says:

    Yes, now that I have it back, it has mostly woolen warp, but some cotton as well! Yes It’s getting sun and wind on the trampoline right now…

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