Chicken Street delivers



On our second visit to Chicken Street one of the dealers had dug out a war rug in an interesting style we haven’t seen before. The dealer suggested this example was made by Turkmen people living somewhere to the north of Herat towards Qal-e Naw. It’s tightly made, wool on cotton warp, and the frame design is consistent with the Turkmen attribution. What we do like is the asymmetry of the design, which echoes the early 80s Farah carpets collected by Luca Brancati, and the irregularity and liveliness of the infill figures. We would judge this war carpet to have been made any time in the last fifteen years. See artwranglers for a detail…

One Response to “Chicken Street delivers”

  1. Luca Brancati Says:

    Yes it’s true, but … all first period Zakini rugs have wool structure. I only met cotton warp in refugees rugs of the 90’s. Turkmen attribution could be correct, but Turkmen people began to weave war rugs late in the refugee’s camps. The design if very fun and it seems to copy the first period war rugs. The border isunusual and I don’t remember a similar one, but I will check.

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