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How do images migrate?

October 28, 2008

Max Allen is now working on the molas made by the Kuna women of the San Blas Islands of Panama. The motif of the feline (leopard?) and the serpent (and its origins in the chireh “hunting cloths” of Herat was first noticed by George W. O’Bannon in Hali #129, 1982, and more recently by Nick Fielding in Asian Textiles #40 June 2008. It also appears in several Ali Khojeh style carpets we’ve seen… Perhaps the clue to the mola is to be found in its text: Fort Sherman, Jungle Warfare Training Center? Did someone bring a carpet with them from Afghanistan to Fort Sherman?

Weavings of War – Fabrics of Memory: Ariel Zeitlin Cooke’s new online catalogue

October 20, 2008

See Ariel’s catalogue plus a walk-through of the exhibition now online.