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Nancy Hatch Dupree: an interview

May 30, 2009

Listen with Philip Adams on the ABC’s Late Night Live

cold war art

May 26, 2009

nl_1984_poster_500I read somewhere that artists in The West were not producing images about war or the arms race. I thought “that can’t be right?”  Then I remembered this Sydney University Art Workshop poster, designed by Nigel Lendon and printed by Pam Debenham. Never been translated into a war rug!


souvenirs from the front

May 13, 2009

direct from Kandahar 7-5-08-500a recent sighting of War Rugs on the boardwalk at Kandahar Air Field…

“….War Rugs sighted on a stall on the boardwalk KAF next to Tim
Hortons, Burger King,  Pizza Hut, stalls with cheeky t-shirts, one stall
carrying fur goods and then a spa of sorts.  The centre of the boardwalk
area also sports a hockey arena.  The rugs were 3ft x 5ft in general,
some had English writing but often misspellings and they cost only
$30US!  One rug had Chinook helicopters on it and a (blue) Canadian
flag.  Chinooks are used by the Joint Task Force and six more were
bought by the Canadian Government and arrived in March.”


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