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as seen in Freiburg

June 8, 2010

Here’s a beautiful and unusual carpet from the collection of Mr Mahmoud Fahartyr. Alas, badly infested with moths…

Parent rug to the post below

June 6, 2010

Sergio Poggianella (also a war carpet collector from Milan) has sent this image which would seem to be the antecedent to the Bedini collection S11 carpet. But the text (in Roman letters) which promised so much seems to be just letters. This is not unusual – we’ve seen borders made like this, as well as degenerated passages of text like this. Any cryptographers out there want to suggest a meaning?

variation on S11 carpets

June 1, 2010

Here’s an impressive (if that word is not inappropriate, considering the subject matter) version of the World Trade Centre attack in New York, sent to us by the collector Vittorio Bedini, in Milano. Its scale (240 x 150), plus its mosque design borders and its elaborate kilim skirts are all familiar indicators of the very best of Baluch-style carpets we find coming out of the Afghanistan/Iran border region. Its design is closer to the familiar but non-specific “modern city” carpets you can see on Max Allen’s TMC website for his Battleground exhibition. How easy is it for the designer to take a conventionalised scene, and drop the two aeroplanes into it… It leaves one wondering whether the designer’s intentions lay? We’d be very pleased to see any other variations on the S11 theme, if they are out there… Your reactions?