One swallow does not a summer make


…so said Aristotle. Equally (I would argue) just one truck (or one helicopter) does not a “war carpet” make… Close cousins, but not necessarily “warlike”.

The (scrambled) text tells us it was made on the 25th in the first month of 1377 (1998), on a “Tuesday”, [verb unintelligible] “with laughter” [or “a smile”].  So the rugmaker has a sense of humour – probably thinking of us all scratching our heads… What is really interesting (apart from the handsome Aimaqi gul/medallion) is the almost-naturalism of the truck rendered in three-quarter perspective. And, please, if any reader wants to suggest an origin or comparison for this distinctive medallion, (Sirjan?) please do so…

3 Responses to “One swallow does not a summer make”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Hi Nigel,
    Good work all around. In regards to origin I’d say Latif Khel.
    Here’s some info:
    More importantly, why does only one helicopter or truck (not) make it a “war rug”? Especially helicopter’s which are primarily military?

  2. Nigel Lendon Says:

    The Latif Khel suggestion (with your examples) is persuasive, thanks. The visual structure (the medallion) especially. I’ll post another example with the diagonal highlights in the border for comparison.

  3. Adrian Johnson Says:

    I know any number of Texans who love their pick-up trucks who would argue this is not a war carpet, and would spend big bucks to own a carpet like this.

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