Mission Impossible


The Pentagon has a plan to rationalise the carpet business!!! Read this report by Noah Shachtman here

“The Afghan carpet industry requires essential training and know-how development in the field of carpet washing and finishing – an essential element of the value chain of any high-end, hand-woven carpet.” Tremayne is there to “operationalize the effort.”

Tremayne will also be responsible for landing 15 Afghan suppliers and finding three shipping routes out of Afghanistan that are “commercially viable (i.e., reasonably secure and consistent).” Once those routes are scoped out, Tremayne is supposed to put together an international sales hub in Istanbul, secure “commitments from a minimum of 5 major institutional buyers,” and start building “a market for the Afghan brand” with “strategic marketing & public relations.”

Read More http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2010/07/operation-throw-rug-u-s-military-enters-the-afghan-carpet-trade/#ixzz0uYjmkl3m

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