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Readers may post a comment by following the “No Comments” or “Comments” link at the bottom of each post. (“No Comments” simply means no comments have been sent yet.)

Commenters are asked to leave a genuine email address, but this is not published. Contributors should be aware of our comments policy and our undertaking not to sell email addresses.

Commenters are also advised that this site is part of the National Library of Australia’s Pandora Project, and that all comments that appear on site will be permanently archived as part of that process. Information archived as part of Pandora is accessible here.

If you prefer not to leave a comment directly, you may communicate or send .jpeg images by email, which we can insert in existing posts or publish as new posts.

Please note that comments may be closed on old posts to deter spam. If you’d like to make a comment on a post which is not accepting comments, please email.

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