support and appreciation

The Rugs of War project has received material support from the following supporters, patrons and institutions: the Bellas/Milani Gallery, Brisbane; Henry Ergas, Canberra; the ANU Faculty of Arts Research Grant Scheme; and the Australian Research Council Discovery Project Scheme.

In addition numerous individuals have supported the project in other generous ways: Joyce C. Ware and Tatiana Divens have generously donated their private archives to the project; and collectors of war rugs, Pat Markovich (San Francisco), Ella Naef (Los Angeles), Max Allen (Toronto), R Neil Reynolds and Tatiana Divens (Washington) plus Kevin Sudeith (New York) have all gone out of their way to be immensely hospitable and to make their collections available to us. In Europe we are indebted to the support and access to collections provided by Graham Gower (London), Michael and Jane Wilson (London), Luca Brancati (Turin), Josephine Jasperse (Groningen), Paul Bucherer (Switzerland), Hans-Werner Mohm (Germany), and Jean Pigozzi (in many places).
Thanks also to Sharon Boggon who first pushed and pulled us down this path, and Zoe Bowman and Maryam Rashidi who keep us on track.

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