Future categories


Future categories

Once contributions start flowing, and with time and technology permitting, it’s our intention to develop this site with a number of additional categories, once we transfer offline data into this medium.

Question of the week

In this category I will pose my own questions on a regular basis – ideas, details, attributions, translations or interpretations which I have not been able to resolve through my own sources and research. Contributors are also invited to post their own questions.

Contributors’ Gallery

In this category we will load images of rugs sent by contributors for information, or to illustrate points of discussion, or as the subject of questions posted to elicit responses from other contributors.

With each image contributors should include the following data: descriptive title, attribution of makers’ identity, date (known or estimated), materials (if known), collection, location, size in cm (height before width), name of contributor. Text translations, evidence of date, etc. would also be valuable information.

In addition, it would be really interesting and valuable if contributors gave an account of when and where a work was acquired, and its provenance (when known), together with any other information relevant to the objectives of rugsofwar.

For example: The Story of Jahan Bahksh, Baluchi style, c. 1990s, knotted woollen carpet, woollen warp, collection Peter Bellas, Brisbane, size 2820 x 2070. It came to Australia via a dealer in Canada, and it was sourced in Germany.


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