Source of the flags and dove of peace motif

by is one of the best dealer’s sites, with rugs for sale, archives of rugs sold, and images of rugs in their collection. They have posted a great piece of detective work here which traces the source of the motif of the US Flag and the Afghanistan flag linked by the dove of peace which appears in a number of post S11 rugs and the so-called “War against Terror” rugs.

They show how the motif itself is in fact a reproduction of “Coalition of the Willing” propaganda leaflets distributed to the Afghans during that phase of the conflict. My question is: who can translate the texts on the original pamphlets for us? Please post a comment if you can.


2 Responses to “Source of the flags and dove of peace motif”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    The first leaflet we show can be translated to read “A united Afghanistan offers peace and prosperity”.

    The second leaflet can be translated to read “Warning” and “Stay Away” along the top and bottom in red, respectively. The text in the middle reads “The partnership of nations has secured the Qandahar Airport to ensure that humanitarian aid will reach the people of this area for your own safety stay away”.

  2. Herb F Says:

    I visited Warrugs a few years back and gave them the translations to the leaflets and also pointed out some of the weapons systems on the rugs. Many of the leaflets are displayed in my article at:

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